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Limo in Montreal, other vehicles

Limousine Trudeau is able to offer you transport adapted to your needs. We offer a vast range of vehicle going to 24 passengers. To obtain more detail as well as prices, take care to contact us by phone: 1.514.332.3322 or by email:

Mercedes flleet.

No prom

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 140$
4 passengers with lugage.
minimum 2 hours

SUV (6)
Minimum 2 hours 280.00$
Additional hour 140.00$
Limovan and Minicoach 10, 12, 14, 21, 24, 28, 31 and 41 passengers are also available. The rates for some of these vehicles are seasonal and may vary. Please contact us for a quote.

The hourly rate for a rental in Montreal will vary depending on the vehicle selected. A minimum charge will apply and will vary depending on the vehicle and service selected.

Please note that the following charges may apply:

  • 40$ for a chauffer meet and greet.
  • 15% gratuity
  • Additonal airport charges
    • $7.00 for a Berline,
    • $12.00 for all stretch vehicles
  • 5% PST
  • 9,975% QST


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